14 Nov

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Gank Me 101

1 Sep


I have to put paying work ahead of free right now so updates will be a little erratic.
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GANK ME is an ADULT comic meaning that if you’re under 18 or don’t want to view adult material you need to leave. Want to view Gank Me and it’s stories as well as other erotic art? Visit LEAD UNDEGROUND. All the hot, none of the talk.
If you just want pointless sex starting at page 7 then view JOYRIDE, or check out the Omake extra comics.
Latest MAIN Comic Update Sep 01 2010: Issue 5 pg 1 NSFW

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Gank Me is Moving!

19 Jul

I’ve decided that by the end of this year I’ll be moving everything to Lead Underground and keeping everything on one site. Double posting on the main and the mirror isn’t the most effective way of doing things and I don’t like to compete with myself on the other site as well. Over there I can also run an onsite gallery, forum, and other things. I’ll probably keep this site up with just links to the previous issues and a forwarding “address” as it were along with all the old posts but anybody who’s bookmarked me or is linking, please update your links to

But don’t worry, you got time. I don’t intend to make the move final until December 1, 2010 and this mirror site will continue to update!


Gank Me Issue 5 pg 2

2 Oct

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Original issue 4 ending

6 Sep

Drew the ending for issue 4 like last year early and then the comic kind of took on a life of its own until now. I found the old inks for the original laying around while clearing up some disk space and thought you four folks would like to see it. Special old pic for special readers I say! So yes, here Al realizes Swan’s horrible secret: she snores like a jack hammer and drools in her sleep. Meanwhile Moondai and Resi have failed to keep watch. Good job guys, not like the enemy is hanging out nearby or anything so no problems there.

However, since this was drawn someone commissioned me to answer the question of why would Swan return to Al because honestly there’s no really good reason to track the guy down. Sure he was a good lay but there’s other lays that are less likely to be unhealthy and probably closer by. And why not just stab the guy in the back like rogues typically do? Certainly just going about her business, spending all his money she got and pwning other guys for their gear would make more sense wouldn’t it? So issue 5 answers that question in brutal detail.

THere’s one other lost panel that I saved that I”ll post later in the week for you guys since I think it’s sort of funny. Full sized pic under the cut

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Gank Me issue 5 pg 1

1 Sep

Gank Me! Issue 5 page 1 and cover! Issue 5 is going to be short, about 5 pages, that answers the pressing question of why Swan returned to Al. Yes is page doesn’t have any hardcore fucking on it (That starts on page 2) but Joyride 8 does and that will be up by the 15th of September! Link to the first page is below the cut

Tagged, bagged, and pwned

Tagged, bagged, and pwned

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Napkin sketch

1 Sep

Brytag and Alvar vs Swan noncanon

I draw crappy off the comp these days; being able to just move characters around to fix shitty drawings has made me soft. Whatever, maybe you five want to see this ‘during dinner napkin sketch’ of Swan getting double stuffed

Updates on Lead Underground

29 Aug

New updates are on Lead

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Gank Me Issue 4 pg 39

5 Aug

So here comes the end of issue 4! Its been a stupid ride with lots more downs than ups but at last this one is wrapped up and the next one is getting ready for launch.

Missed the rest of the issue? Read it HERE


13 Jul

Been working on the end of issue 4 and the 8 page interlude that answers the question of why the hell Swan would return to see Al and be nice about it. Also almost done with a new donator perks wallpaper but here, have a taste of what’s in store soon. Enjoy